House Rules You Should Have As A Host

By - Olivia
12.07.21 06:00 PM

Here's a list of basic rules you can apply in your home

As a host receiving international students in your home, you might find it helpful to have a basic set of rules for your guests. Sometimes, finding the balance between being strict and flexible can be a bit tricky, especially with younger students. Having a few rules can help define that balance and help keep track of the satisfaction of your guests. At Host Family Stay, we have 6 suggestions on the rules you can consider implementing. They are by no means the only rules you can implement, nor do you have to use them all. Apply and modify them according to your needs and situation.

  1. Curfew Times

For younger students, setting curfew times can be helpful to make sure they don’t go to bed too late. For older students, it helps keep track of them to ensure they don’t return home at late hours of the night. If you have children, or just like to go to bed early, this is a good rule to implement too.

  1. Locking Doors

Be sure to check that all your locks work, including bathroom and bedroom doors. No one wants an embarrassing accident happening! Also, let your guest know how to lock/unlock the main doors in case they are the first ones to leave or the last ones to get home.

  1. Eating Areas

If you don’t want crumbs in the living room or dirty plates in the bedrooms, be sure to point out the designated eating areas. Another suggestion is to point out the dishwasher, so your guest can tidy up after themselves.

  1. Appliance Use

If you have any appliance that you are somewhat sensitive about or don’t want your guests using, be sure to let them know about it. Also, some students (particularly younger ones) might not know how to use every appliance. A good idea would be to guide them on how to use the appliances to ensure they don’t run into trouble when trying to use it on their own.

  1. Laundry arrangement

If you prefer your guest to leave their laundry in a provided basket for you to throw them into the washing machine once you do it for the family - feel free to inform the guest about it. If you rather have them use it for their own laundry only, then as discussed in the earlier section, just make sure you explain how to use the washing machine.

  1. Kitchen or shower use

Many hosts are very flexible on this, but if you believe your guest and your family will benefit from having specific times for use of the facilities, be sure to discuss it with your guest. Find out what time is good for them, and work out a mutually convenient solution.

Once again, these rules above are just suggestions. If your house has any specific quirks, or if you and your family have any specific preferences, it's important to let your guest know. Yet remember, it has to be all about the experiences - homestay in your home has to be enjoyable for both you and your guest!

At Host Family Stay, we are always available to discuss your questions and provide friendly guidance on how to be a great host. Just get in touch! We love to help!