By - Swayam
12.07.21 06:00 PM

5 Safest Areas in London to Live In

Is Camden safe? Is Brixton safe? Is Peckham safe? Is London safe? These are common questions that guests have when deciding on where to stay in London. However, not to worry! Whether you are someone who comes from abroad and is looking to study/work in London or whether you already live in the UK and are looking to relocate to London, we are here to finally answer these questions and help you make an informed decision for when you move. Below is a countdown list of the top 5 safest towns/boroughs in London.

5. Harrow

Harrow Shopping Centre, Host Family Stay

Harrow is located in north-west London, and consists of areas such as Stanmore, Pinner, Hatch End and many more beautiful areas. Harrow-on-the-Hill has eight conservation areas, one of which is Gregorian Architecture. Situated in the heart of Harrow is Harrow shopping centre where locals take a trip down to shop for clothes, groceries, dine, or just to watch movies at the Vue cinema.
Crime Rate: 63 crimes per 1000 citizens

4. Sutton

Sutton, Host Family Stay

Sutton is located in south-west London, and is famous for its small district centres, many of them retaining a ‘village’ atmosphere not seen in central London. Sutton has 1,500 acres of open space and the largest regional park outside of London, making it perfect for chilling days out and for picnics with friends. Sutton also has several works of public art, and is home to the 6th most important shopping area in London.
Crime Rate: 57 crimes per 1000 citizens

3. Kingston upon Thames

Kingston-upon-Thames River, Host Family Stay

Kingston-upon-Thames is located in south-west London, and is the oldest of the four Royal Boroughs in England. It is home to many restaurants, shops, and other attractions such as Richmond Park, Coronation Stone, Chessington World of Adventures theme park, Rose Theatre, and many more. As the name states, it is situated on the River Thames. 

Crime Rate: 57 crimes per 1000 citizens

2. Bexley

Bexley Shopping Centre, Host Family Stay

Bexley is located in south-east London, and has lots of green space including Danson Park and Foots Cray Meadows. It is also home to the National Trust’s Red House (open Wednesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm) - a significant Arts and Crafts building designed by architects William Morris and Philip Webb. In 2016, Bexley was also named London’s happiest borough.

Crime Rate: 56 crimes per 1000 citizens

1. Richmond

Richmond-upon-Thames, Host Family Stay

The borough of Richmond-upon-Thames is located in south-west London, one of the capital’s most wonderful areas. It is home to the National Physical Laboratory, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens (tourist attraction for botanical enthusiasts and families) and Twickenham Stadium. Richmond is an affluent residential area bordering the River Thames. It is also home to Richmond Park, a popular picnic spot, where you can also spot herds of deer roaming.

Crime Rate: 54 crimes per 1000 citizens

Other areas in London that are safe include Bromley (64 crimes per 1000 citizens), Merton (66 crimes per 1000 citizens), Havering (67 crimes per 1000 citizens), Barnet (68 crimes per 1000 citizens) and Enfield (74 crimes per 1000 citizens). 

We’ve told you the safest areas in London, but what about the areas in London that are not so safe? At Host Family Stay, we ensure you will never be placed in an area that is not student friendly or where the crime rates are considered high. Your safety is our priority and we would like for you to stay in only the safest areas in London, with friendly locals and a lively neighbourhood. Whatever your living preferences, we guarantee you will not be disappointed at your chosen location. 

For further enquiries or questions relating to homestay in London, please contact us to speak to our friendly staff who will be able to answer all your questions, or visit our home page.

Published on 16th October 2020