Why More People Are Considering Becoming Hosts

27.02.20 08:12 AM

Becoming a host can be very rewarding.  Besides the financial benefits, you get to meet guests from all over the world, learn about their cultures, and make friends for life.

The Host Family Stay team has summarised a few other points on the benefits of being a host, and why many people consider becoming a host family.

Explore a new culture

Host Family Stay connects London's hosts with guests from many different cultures visiting our city. This is an opportunity not to be missed! Hosting a person from abroad is an excellent chance to learn more about the world, without leaving home! Over time, you can gain a better understanding of other peoples cultures and views and get a taste of some of their traditions such as their national dishes, games, or music.

Gain new perspectives

Hosting people from abroad can be beneficial for every member of your family. When you open your home to an exchange student, personal development is inevitable. You will become aware of differences in everyday life and develop a better understanding about people and different cultures.

Moreover, familiarization with other cultures can expand your mindset. As you analyze and find ways to explain certain words, phrases, and behaviors, you learn to adapt in order to be able to demonstrate and teach differences and similarities in languages and culture.

Benefit from tax-free income

By hosting, you get to benefit from UK Government's Rent a Room Scheme. The Scheme lets you earn up to a threshold of £7,500 per year tax-free from letting out furnished accommodation in your home.

Try new language skills!

As globalisation reshapes our world, learning new languages has become a very useful skill,  not only in the business world but in everyday life as well. So, while renting your room to a student from abroad, you and your family can use this opportunity to learn another language from them. If you have children, it can be very beneficial to their education and can possibly even help them in their future careers. Your guest will also be enthusiastic to learn English during their stay... so from their mistakes and questions you can also get to know your own language better.

Bring a difference into your life

Having a guest in your home is among others a different experience, bringing a change to your daily routine. Some of our hosts are particularly motivated to host a guest to introduce some change and dynamism in their lives and look for the future. Hosting is also a great way for city dwellers living alone to cope with the loneliness problem.

Build friendships for life

Many host families who developed good relationships with their guests will tell you that they were invited to visit their guest's home country, bringing them and their families new and exciting experiences. Many guests will also be keen to stay in touch and drop by to say hi when visiting London again in the future.

Benefit from vetted and disciplined guests

Unlike what you may get from other websites and homestay providers, you don’t just open your doors to a stranger! Host Family Stay ensures that both you and your guest know about each other before arranging your homestay. Get to know their reasons for visiting London, learn about their studies, hobbies and life goals. Likewise, your preferences and requirements are communicated to the guests in advance.

Hosting mature individuals

Almost all of our students are visiting the UK to learn English, gain some work experience or study full-time at UK Universities and schools. They have the drive and determination to leave their friends and family for as long as 12 months to pursue their goals, giving you a little faith in their character.

Most of our host families agreed that their experience hosting people in their homes was rewarding and enriching, so maybe this is your chance to experience the same!?

To register your interest to become a host, just follow this link! If you are already a host, refer a friend or a colleague to become a host and earn £50! More on the Host Referral Scheme here

Published on 2nd May 2018

Updated on 19th June 2020