Why Study At A Language School In London

12.07.21 06:00 PM

Here's why you should study at a language school

Have you ever wanted to go to London and explore the amazing city and every aspect of British culture, but you haven’t felt comfortable enough to communicate properly in English? The team here at Host Family Stay has come up with 10 good reasons on why you should enrol at a language school in London!

1. Make new friends!

It can improve your confidence in both your language skills but also general skills! You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and explore London with them - both from outside and inside the UK!

2. Do it for your future career dream!

From a business’ perspective, English is considered vital when communicating. By learning and improving your english, you will minimize the risk of miscommunication, which can cause damage to your career. Knowing English, the second most spoken language in the world, will increase your chances of a career with a job in a multinational company!

3. Want to travel across the globe?

​If you want to travel anywhere in the world, English enables you to communicate almost anywhere you can think of! 1.5 billion people in the world speak this language. Speaking the language allows you to be more safe since being able to communicate with locals will enable you to get an understanding of dangerous areas in the city where you are staying.

4. Better grades!

​Your newly gained linguistic skills will potentially help you improve your results/grades, especially if you are planning to attend university in the UK, or any other English speaking university afterwards!

5. Find new hobbies!

With such a wide range of opportunities and things to experience in this city, there’s an opportunity for you to explore and find new and interesting activities whilst you learn to improve your English. You will likely be able to find  hobbies that you wouldn’t normally have found in your home country.

and last but not least,

6. It’s an absolute adventure for foodies! 

It’s an absolute adventure for foodies! London is the place with more Indian restaurants than Mumbai and Delhi, and you can explore more than 52 cuisines from all over the world in this city! Whether you wish to discover new foods and local cuisine or enjoy something from your home country, this is definitely the place for you! London is a foodie’s paradise!

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Published on 7th February 2018

Updated on 15th July 2020