Tips For Making The Most Of Your Homestay

By - Andy
04.07.23 10:11 AM

Unlock the Potential of Your Empty Room


Are you a homeowner or eligible tenant with an empty room in your property? Are you looking for a way to maximize your property's potential while contributing to a vibrant cultural exchange? Have you considered hosting young people traveling to London for full-time study, a semester abroad, or an internship?  

If you said Yes to the questions above, consider becoming a host! As a host family, you have a unique opportunity to welcome international students or interns into your home and materialize numerous benefits. The potential of your empty room is to not only generate income but also create meaningful connections and cultural exchange.  

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In this blog, we will explore the advantages of becoming a host, and provide you with valuable tips on how to make the most of your homestay experience as a host. From understanding what a homestay is to effectively communicating with your guests, we will guide you through the process and highlight why students are increasingly selecting homestay accommodation. 

Advantages of Becoming a Host

  • Financial Rewards: Hosting international students or interns can be a lucrative venture. With London being a popular destination for global education and career opportunities, there is a constant demand for quality accommodation. By offering your empty rooms to these individuals, you can enjoy a steady rental income, ensuring your property generates revenue even during periods of low demand. 

  • Cultural Exchange: One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting international students or interns is the opportunity for cultural exchange. By inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds into your home, you create an enriching environment that fosters mutual understanding and appreciation. You can engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and learn about different customs, languages, and traditions, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

  • Enhanced Language Skills: Living with international students or interns provides a unique chance to improve your language skills. Whether it's practicing conversational English or learning a new language altogether, you'll have a built-in language partner at your disposal. This linguistic immersion can significantly benefit your personal and professional growth, broadening your horizons and boosting your communication abilities. 

  • Global Connections: By hosting international students or interns, you establish valuable connections around the world. These individuals may come from prestigious educational institutions or prominent organizations, representing a wide range of fields. Building relationships with them opens doors to new opportunities, whether it be networking, future collaborations, or friendships that span continents. You never know how these connections may positively impact your life and career in the long run.

  • Personal Growth: Hosting international students or interns is an opportunity for personal growth and development. By welcoming individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, you broaden your worldview, challenge preconceived notions, and gain a fresh perspective on global issues. This exposure fosters empathy, tolerance, and cultural sensitivity, qualities that can be invaluable in an increasingly interconnected world.

  • Ocasional Assistance with some Household Tasks: Having extra hands around the house can be a significant benefit of hosting. Many international students or interns who are happy living with you, are more than willing to contribute to household chores and tasks if you ask them to.    

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Why Guest Choose Homestay 

Becoming a host family is a decision that can bring numerous advantages. By embracing this opportunity, you not only make a positive impact on the lives of your guests but also enrich your own life with meaningful experiences and lasting memories. Open your doors, embrace diversity, and embark on a rewarding journey as a host in the vibrant city of London!  


The advantages of becoming a homestay host align perfectly with the reasons why students or interns choose homestay accommodations. Your potential guests from all over the world often choose homestay accommodation for several compelling reasons. Let's explore why your home can be an attractive option for them: 

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Living in a foreign country can be both exciting and daunting for international students or interns. Homestay provides a secure and supportive environment where they can feel welcomed and cared for. Your presence as a host family offers reassurance and guidance, making them feel at ease and helping them navigate the challenges of living in a new culture. 
  • Cultural Immersion: Overseas students are often eager to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. By choosing homestay, they have a unique opportunity to experience authentic day-to-day life in London. Sharing meals, participating in family activities, and engaging in conversations with you and your family members expose them to local customs, traditions, and even British cuisine, enhancing their cultural understanding and making their stay memorable. 
  • Language Development: For many overseas students, improving their language skills is a primary goal. Living with a host family who speaks the local language fluently provides an immersive language-learning environment. Daily interactions and conversations become valuable language practice opportunities, allowing them to enhance their English proficiency and gain confidence in their communication abilities. 
  • Local Knowledge and Guidance: As a host family, you possess valuable local knowledge that can greatly benefit international students or interns. From recommending the best places to visit, providing insights into local customs and etiquette, to suggesting extracurricular activities and events, your guidance helps them make the most of their time in London. Your familiarity with the city and its resources becomes an invaluable asset for their personal and professional growth. 
  • Home Comforts and Amenities: While international students or interns are away from their own homes, they seek a comfortable living environment where they can relax and unwind. Your home offers them a cozy and well-equipped space with amenities such as a private bedroom, study area, and access to communal spaces like the living room, kitchen, and garden. This homely atmosphere provides a sense of belonging and contributes to their overall well-being during their stay. 
  • Supportive Community: By becoming a host family, you contribute to the formation of a supportive community for international students or interns. Hosting multiple individuals from different backgrounds creates opportunities for them to connect and build friendships within the homestay setting. This sense of community fosters a supportive network, where they can share experiences, support each other, and create lasting bonds that extend beyond their time in London. 
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Tips for Host 

By opening your doors and welcoming young people into your home, you provide an enriching experience that goes beyond mere accommodation, making their stay in London truly memorable and rewarding. If you're ready to become a host, or if you're about to welcome your guests, here are some tips to for you to make the most out of your homestay. 

  • Communication is Key: Establish open and clear lines of communication from the beginning. Discuss expectations, house rules, and any specific requirements with your guests. Encourage them to express their needs and concerns openly, ensuring a harmonious living arrangement for everyone involved. 

  • Embrace Cultural Exchange: Embrace the opportunity to learn about your guests' culture and share your own. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and show genuine interest in their experiences and traditions. Organize cultural activities or outings that expose them to local customs and attractions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's backgrounds. 

  • Respect Privacy and Boundaries: While fostering a sense of inclusion, also respect your guests' privacy and personal space. Understand that they may have their own routines, study or work commitments, and need downtime. Strike a balance between social interaction and giving them space to relax and recharge. 

  • Provide a Comfortable Living Environment: Ensure that your guests' living quarters are clean, comfortable, and equipped with the necessary amenities. A well-maintained bedroom, access to a study area, and reliable internet connection are crucial for their academic or professional endeavors. Additionally, offer them easy access to shared spaces like the kitchen, living room, and garden, so they can feel at home and enjoy a well-rounded homestay experience. 

  • Offer Guidance and Support: As a host, you play a significant role in providing guidance and support to your guests. Help them navigate the local community, transportation, and cultural norms. Offer suggestions on places to visit, local events, or networking opportunities related to their interests or field of study. Your knowledge and assistance can greatly enhance their overall experience in London. 

  • Encourage Language Practice: If your guests are looking to improve their language skills, create an environment that encourages language practice. Engage in conversations, correct any language errors gently, and provide them with opportunities to interact with native speakers. This language immersion will contribute to their linguistic development and boost their confidence. 

  • Share Meals and Culinary Experiences: Food can be a powerful way to connect and create lasting memories. Share meals with your guests, introducing them to local dishes while also embracing their culinary traditions. Collaborate on cooking sessions, where you can exchange recipes and cooking techniques. This shared experience fosters a sense of belonging and facilitates cultural exchange. 

  • Be Patient and Flexible: Living with individuals from different backgrounds may bring about occasional challenges or misunderstandings. Patience and flexibility are key to resolving conflicts or addressing cultural differences that may arise. Keep an open mind, be understanding, and use these moments as opportunities for personal growth and learning. 

  • Maintain Professionalism: While welcoming guests into your home, maintain a level of professionalism. Clearly communicate expectations regarding house rules, curfews (if applicable), and any other important details. Treat your guests with respect and professionalism, just as you would with any other business interaction. 

  • Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Regularly seek feedback from your guests to understand their needs and evaluate your hosting experience. Use their input to make necessary adjustments and continuously improve the homestay experience you offer. By demonstrating a commitment to their comfort and satisfaction, you create a positive and memorable stay for future guests. 

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By becoming a host family, you can make the most of your vacant room by creating a socially and culturally enriching experience, fresh perspective and great memories for you and your family. 


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