Using English With Your Homestay Guest

By - Olivia
15.03.21 06:00 PM

Help your guest with their English using these 4 tips!

Most homestay guests come to the UK to learn or improve their English language skills. This is why it’s important to always try to help them out as much as possible. Here are some tips and tricks to help your guest with their English.

  1. Chat With Them Often

Try talking to your guest as much as possible so they can get used to chatting in English. This can also help them learn the British slang and way of talking. Plus, it’ll help you bond with your guest and sooner rather than later, they’ll feel more at home.

  1. Play Games With Them

Inviting someone to play board games or video games in English can be one of the best ways to help them improve their language skills. Especially if you play well known games that have been translated to other languages, like Monopoly or Life, because your guest will be able to understand the words quicker.

  1. Watch Films or TV Together

Watching some popular films or TV shows can also help guests improve their English skills since it helps them with their listening comprehension. It’s helpful if you’re watching along with them so you can answer any questions they might have about definitions or pronunciations.

  1. Recommend Some Good Books To Read

Giving them a good book to read will help them with their reading comprehension. It can also help them think in English rather than having to translate everything in their head from one language to another.

These are just some of the things you can do to help your guest improve their language skills. However, if you notice that one helps them more than the other, or if you come up with a different activity that seems to help them more, feel free to stick to that instead. As always, if you have any questions, let us know! We’re happy to help!